Thank you very much for visiting my website.

Art has always been a part of my life and now I want to share it with you. Please come back often to view what is new in my gallery.

Below is one of my newest paintings.  To view all of my paintings in the gallery, just click on the “Art Gallery” button above and then press the “next” button at the bottom of each page to view more.





I’m amazed at what you have accomplished
And how much you have grown as an artist!

Amazing to witness the depth of your talent. Can’t wait to see the next painting from your ever expanding world of colors.

I LOVE the hound, so cute! Your web site is great, even I can navigate it! Like the new rock art-the ones with light silhouettes. Thanks for the heads up, looks like you have been busy! Enjoy!

Went to the gallery and realized just how many subjects you are able to paint, child, animals, scenery, etc. Wonderful paintings.

Hi Myrna! Wow, I love your art gallery, “Windsurfer”, “Leon”, and “Point of View” are the 3 that are among my favorites (so far lol)…you really understand color balance, reflection shading, space, and the concept of “less is more” extremely well…I can definitely see why you love and enjoy spending your time in places such as Arizona, Mexico, and S. America so much…such warm colors in the environments there that add to happiness : )

Ok, so can’t wait to see your Asia/Thai paintings…I’ll have to send you a photo or two to reminisce…congrats on beautiful artwork!


Thanks for sharing! Reminds me of my Mother’s work if she was living on the west coast.

-Dr. Matt

Myrna you have been a busy girl. So many new paintings! They are beautiful!! You are so expanding your horizons with your God given talent. I am so proud of you for sharing all this natural beauty. Hats off to you! Don’t ever stop. You have the gift. Keep it up. Looking forward to your next treasure. With love, Bernadette

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