About Myrna

Myrna Browne was raised in Williamstown, West Virginia.  Her grandfather was one of the original glass blowers for the Fenton Art Glass Company and it was through his eyes she learned to enjoy art of all venues.

Myrna won her first art award when she was in the seventh grade when she entered a contest for 12 to 18 year olds.  She painted a water color of “Swans on the Lake” and was awarded first place.

The years that followed found Myrna raising a family and working in bank operations, so there was not a lot of time for art.  However, once the family grew up and she retired from the banking industry she was again free to pursue her real passion of oil painting.

Myrna is basically self taught but credits some of her techniques to the many books she has read.  She has the ability to put on canvas what her mind’s eye sees and her wishes are that many others will enjoy the same vision.

Myrna paints a variety of subjects.  As she says “I paint what strikes me at the time”, it may be cactus flowers, landscapes, animals, portraits, etc.”  She says “It would be hard for me to be a contract painter; I have to be inspired by something before I can convey it to canvas.

Myrna has traveled extensively.  You will find that her art works depict deserts, mountains, the coast as well as Europe, the South Pacific and even wild animal parks!


Myrna’s rock art is a unique blend of nature and art.  The silhouette Myrna paints on a rock is a reflection of the shape and design in the rock itself.  Each rock is individually selected by Myrna with a specific image in mind.  While you may find that she paints similar images, no two rocks are alike.  The wooden stands for the rocks are also specifically custom made for each rock.

Myrna additionally adds at least one piece of turquoise to each rock she paints.  Turquoise is said to give inner strength, provides protection from harm and brings peace to the home when given by a loving friend.  Myrna wishes this for everyone who enjoys and posses her art.

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